Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Day, Another Slouchy Hat

Another day, another hat. Okay, so I've officially tired of making hats in just single crochet. I needed to do something different before dying of boredom. So, I did this slouch hat in single crochet, double crochet, front post double crochet and back post double crochet. For this hat, I used Vanna's Choice yarn, which I was VERY skeptic about using... well, because it's Vanna's yarn. Actually the yarn is gorgeous and extremely soft. The variety of colors are amazing. I was so excited to finish this hat and actually have a "ribbed" brim. The hat is more fitted and stretchy. I have attempted writing a pattern for this, and this is my first ever pattern... I'm going to post more pictures of my hat and the pattern will be located below.

(Sorry about the pictures, my hair is slightly purple, and it comes out dramatically in pictures.)

Gauge: 4 inches = 12 stitches, 15 rows

Hook: H = 5.00mm (My head size is 20.5 inches, if your head size is 21 inches or less - I would use an H, if above I would use an I)

Yarn: Vanna's Choice (Color A= Charcoal, Color B= Purple, Color C= Pearl Mist)

Rnd: round
Sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
fpdc: front post double crochet
bpdc: back post double crochet
Ss: slip stitch
FO: Fasten off

*Try using a marker and working in rounds (it makes life much easier)*

With " Color A", magic circle (or by chaining 2 and joining to form ring), work 8sc in ring (8)

R1: 2sc in each sc around (16)
R2: *sc, 2sc in next sc* repeat around (24)
R3: *3sc (sc, sc, sc), 2sc in next sc* repeat around (32)

*Switch to Color B*
R4: *4sc (sc, sc, sc, sc), 2sc in next sc* repeat around (40)
R5: *5sc (sc, sc, sc sc, sc), 2sc in next sc* repeat around (48)
*Switch to Color C*
R6: *6sc, 2sc in next sc* repeat around (56)
R7: *7sc, 2sc in next sc* repeat around (64)
*Switch to Color A*
R8: *8sc, 2sc in next sc* repeat around (72)
R9: *9sc, 2sc in next sc* repeat around (80)
R10: sc in each stitch around (80)
R11: sc in each stitch around (80)

*Switch to Color B*
R12: sc in each stitch around (80)
R13: sc in each stitch around (80)

*Switch to Color C*
R14: sc in each stitch around (80)
R15: sc in each stitch around (80)

*Switch to Color A*

*NOTE: I crochet very loosely, by now if I measure from the center of the magic ring to row 11, it's 4 inches. If it isn't quite that big yet, I would suggest adding more rows of just SC, until it's about 4 inches, or how ever big you want it before DC*

R16: sc in each stitch around (80)
R17: sc in each stitch around (80)
R18: dc in each stitch around (80)
R19: dc in each stitch around (80)

*Switch to Color B*
R20: dc in each stitch around (80)
R21: dc in each stitch around (80)
*Switch to Color C*
R22: *2dc, dc2tog* repeat around (60)
R23: dc in each stitch around (on this row I decreased however many stitches I needed to make the brim of my hat more fitted. I decreased by 5 more stitches, making my stitch count (55), everyone is different)

*Switch to Color A*

(This is the start of the brim, if it is still not long enough for you, just add more double crocheted rows, you will add length very quickly)

R24-28: *1fpdc, 1bpdc* repeat around
(remember to fpdc into the fpdcs, and bpdc into the bpdcs)

If you would like a longer brim, just continue with the *1fpdc, 1bpdc* around until it is to your liking.

I hope this patterns wasn't too hard to understand. It is my first, so sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment, or send me an email at

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slouch Faerie Hat Completed.

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share my new hat that I just finished. The hat came out exactly how I wanted it to. The only problem was that it was a little too big, but not big enough to continuously fall off. :) I have been fiddling with this pattern for about a week now, searching the Internet for answers. It seems ridiculously easy if you know anything about crocheting cables, but I am very much a beginner, so not so much for me. The wonderful pattern can be found here, along with many other cute crocheted pieces. My hat is completely double crocheted. Very easy and VERY fast. I took me literally less than 2 hours to complete. I also used Vanna's Choice yarn, which is amazingly soft and cheap. (Found it at our local Michael's which is relocating, so everything is on sale *jumps up and down*) The picture to the left is just a basic side view, sorry for the quality, but not even photoshop can help poor camera skills. With that said, I am very excited to have finished another project, which usually never happens. With knitting, it seemed like everything took SO long to make, but crocheting is so much faster AND I actually get things done. I. LOVE. IT. I will leave you now with more pictures of my hat that I am so very proud of.

Thanks again for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amigurumi Cupcake

So, I've recently finished my first amigurumi piece. I decided to do something incredibly simple. Even though it came out decent, I didn't like it very much, so I gave it to my dog as a play toy, which he LOVES lol. I've been crocheting for a mere 2 weeks now. To put it simple, I have made 3 hats so far and wanted to try something completely different. For those who do not know what amigurumi is, it is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals or anthropomorphic creatures. The more basic meaning, "knitted stuffed toy", or crocheted rounds with single crochets. I found the pattern, located here, which is very simple to follow and even includes step by step pictures. If you are tired of knitting or crocheting hats, scarves and other repetitive pieces, I suggest that you try amigurumi. It's very fun and the possibilities are practically endless.

I also crocheted my first panda hat, which turned out ridiculously too big. I was thinking of maybe adding eyes and a mouth to it. Who knows... but this is what it looks like. Pardon my looks, but it was nearly 4am. Anyway,
thanks for reading!

Until the next project,


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome Message & First Post

Hello everyone.
Welcome to our blog, zCrashCreations. Me, Kristy, and my husband, Brian, have decided to start a blog dedicated to the crazy projects we come up with. We recently got married on July 31st, 2009. As our married journey progresses, we would like to show you guys what we like to knit, crochet, paint, sculpt, etc. I have been knitting for about 6 years, and my husband 2. We both recently (meaning last week) picked up crocheting, and are seriously addicted. Brian has been painting and sculpting for many many years. So, continue checking in to see what we have created. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, or send an email to Thanks for viewing!
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